New Haven, CT

About New Haven

New Haven is a wonderful place to call home, whether you live on or off-campus. The City’s diversity is apparent in its neighborhoods, which range from quiet residential blocks to lively downtown streets, and in its population which combines the socioeconomic mix of a New England city with that of a global university.
“New Haven is a fantastic college town. It offers a diverse and excellent selection of restaurants, great shopping and entertainment, and community based activities in which our players actively participate. New Haven is a Yale football town.”

– Tony Reno, Head Coach

New Haven Highlight

Did You Know Facts:

  • New Haven is the 2nd largest city in Connecticut and the 6th largest in New England.
  • New Haven is home to over 120 different restaurants featuring cuisines from all over the world.
  • New Haven is home to members of a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds.
  • Yale-New Haven Hospital is located less than one mile from campus.
  • Smilow Cancer Hospital is a leader and innovator in cancer treatment.
  • New Haven is located less than 3 hours from Boston and less than 2 hours from New York City.
  • The first hamburger was made and served at Louis’ Lunch Sandwich Shop in 1895. Still in operation today, you can experience “the greatest burger in the world” with or without condiments.
  • The nine-square plan was developed in 1638. Eight squares of 4 x 4 streets frame the 16 acre town. The design is a National Historic Planning Landmark.